Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 4: Sightseeing around Manitoulin Island

Day 4: At Dock in Meldrum Bay, Manitoulin Island
Weather: Alternating cloudy/sunny, warm (very hot - according to the islanders)

Bart taking a nap after a long night of catching bugs
Monday morning we were planning on running to town (Gore Bay) with Lloyd to pick up the part we thought we needed to fix the boat. Our spirits were high as we waited for Lloyd, and we spent some time hanging out with our visitors; a racing pigeon (Almond) and a bat (Bart). Dana couldn't get over how cute Bart was as he clung to the side of our canvas and slept!

Cruising the countryside with Lloyd
The trip to Gore Bay turned into an all day Manitoulin Island adventure with Lloyd as our tour guide. We were very grateful to see ports we had wanted to visit like Gore Bay, Kagawong (Bridal Veil Falls) and Little Current since we were losing a few days due to boat problems.

Bridal Veil Falls
Lloyd narrated our journey through the countryside of Manitoulin all the way to Gore Bay where we realized we would have to order one of the two parts we needed to get Seapickle running again.Lloyd offered to bring us back tomorrow to pick up the ordered part. After running a few errands while in town we continued on with our Island adventure and stopped at Bridal Veil Falls!
Downtown Little Current
Little Current swing bridge. The only link to the mainland
Next stop was Little Current, which is considered the capital of Manitoulin Island and the home of fellow GLCC member Roy Eaton who broadcasts The Cruisers Net on VHF channel 71 every morning at 9.

Lake Huron Fish & Chips
Providence Beach
Next stop was the shores of Lake Huron in the little town of Providence. After working up an appetite, we decided to try Lake Huron Fish & Chips for lunch.This was also the first time Dana tried poutine, which is french fries covered in gravy and is now one of her favorite things to eat and she's searching for a good recipe if you have one :-) The fish here was simply amazing and we haven't stopped thinking about it since. We have a feeling it's going to be hard to find fish & chips this good back home. After our lunch we decided we couldn't visit the Lake Huron side without dipping our feet in the water so we drove to a nice little beach a few blocks from the resturaunt

Driving through Manitoulin Island countryside
Cook's Bay in Bayfield Sound - deserted except for few deer
We got back just in time for another gorgeous sunset. We've realized that although we aren't where we should be according to our itinerary, we might have ended up where we needed to be. It's the people we have met and become friends here that in some ways make our breakdown a good thing. When we first got towed into Meldrum Bay, we thought it was the worst possible place to break down due to a lack of mechanical services, but after meeting wonderful people like Peggy the harbormaster, Shirin and Elena, and especially Lloyd we've realized Meldrum Bay's biggest asset is it's wonderful people!

The end to another perfect day on Manitoulin

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