Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 5: Boat Fixed & Meldrum Bay Lighthouse

Day 5: At dock in Meldrum Bay
Weather: Alternating sunshine & clouds, little bit of rain

Well today was the big day that the new ignition control module should arrive, and we can see if that fixes the problem with the boat. Lloyd was planning to take us to town to pick it up, but it turns out that harbor master Peggy was getting her hair done in town (Gore Bay), so she picked up the part for us! We waited around anxiously all morning until she returned, and as soon as Ben got the new part in it started right up! We took a testdrive to make sure everything was running smoothly (which it was) and made plans to leave Meldrum Bay for the North Channel the following morning. Since we still had one night left in Meldrum Bay, we took Lloyd up on his offer to drive us over to the Lighthouse for dinner & sightseeing.

Manitoulin Lighthouse - now a museum with campground/restaurant next door
Inside the Lighthouse
The Lighthouse Museum was free to get into (accepting donations) and was very interesting! There were many old/original furnishings and records from the lighthouse keepers over the years.

Happily climbing on the rock cliffs outside the Lighthouse
View looking east from edge of Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron side
Ben and Lloyd sitting down for a chat about his old Coast Guard Auxiliary days
Walking out on a rock shelf in Lake Huron
My favorite part of the trip though was climbing on the rock cliffs behind the lighthouse and wading in the water on the rock shelves sticking out into Lake Huron. The campground there looked amazing and we're already making plans to camp there someday.

Stopping to pick raspberries on the side of the road
On the drive back to the marina, we noticed tons of wild raspberries growing on the side of the road, so we couldn't resist pulling over to pick some! We ended up with a good bucket full of these raspberries. Lloyd said he usually goes to pick them every year. We were very sad to say goodbye to Lloyd when he dropped us off back at the marina, but we really hope to visit Meldrum Bay again soon.

Dessert celebration at Meldrum Bay Inn
We had to stop in one more time to say goodbye to Shirin & Elena, and have a celebration dessert at the Meldrum Bay Inn. You couldn't find a more beautiful and welcoming place!

Pier at Meldrum Bay at sunset
 Who knew there were otters in the Great Lakes?!?!

On to the Whalesback Channel tomorrow!

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