Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is that us in BoatUS Magazine?

Why it sure is! But let me back up for a minute...

Last fall, we submitted 5 pictures from our Michigan Honeymoon Boat Trip for a BoatUS photo contest. While we didn't win, the following spring Dana got an email from the editor of BoatUS, who saw our photos and loved our story of "buying a boat as a wedding gift to ourselves" and our boating honeymoon! She said she was doing a story on how relationships and boating go together, and she'd like us to submit a few paragraphs about how we got into boating and how it works with our relationship. I happily obliged, and then waited and waited to see if our story would make it to the magazine! After a few months, we were very surprised to get the above photo as a text from Ben's dad, whose BoatUS Magazine arrived a few days before ours! We couldn't believe it when we saw our photo so big in a magazine... and we were definitely excited to be boating celebrities the next weekend on the beach :-)

 Here's the link to the article online:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Just A Little Black Rain Cloud...

The first time Captain Ron sang this to us over the vhf radio, Pier Pressure was following us out to the lake as some dark clouds were rolling in. Even from their boat, they could see Ben's look of worry as he glanced back "a few times" at the clouds...

From then on, "the princess" (aka dana) insisted that she hear that song on just about every trip to the lake. :-)

And the Winnie the Pooh version