Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 3: Relaxing in Meldrum Bay

Day 3: At port in Meldrum Bay
Weather: Cloudy in the am, bright sunny & hot in afternoon

 Meldrum Bay turned out to be a great port to get "stuck" in for awhile. The water was beautiful and crystal-clear and we enjoyed jumping off the end of the pier, swimming and floating around on our new floats. I also found a nice rock to spend a few hours reading on while Ben socialized around the marina (typical of us) :-)

We walked up for croissants at the Country Store, owned by Elena. Elena runs the Country Store, while her mom Shirin runs the Meldrum Bay Inn next door. After explaining our situation to them, they were both very helpful and encouraging in keeping our spirits up! Shirin made some phone calls for us to try to find someone in town to help, and she put us in contact with Lloyd - the go-to guy in town for problems.

 Ben heading off with Lloyd in his golf cart to check for parts at his house. Lloyd generously offered to drive us to Gore Bay to get the part we needed on Monday. Gore Bay is about a 35 mile drive..

 It would be impossible to give credit to everyone that helped us out along the way. We were very fortunate. Pictured above are Skip & Margo on "Jonah" who lent us their test-meter. You can check out their blog at

After lunch (chili and delicious poppyseed bread from Shirin), we took off to explore the town and check out the Net Shed Museum, full of historic information about Meldrum Bay and local shipwrecks. There we met Gavin, a almost tenth grader, who is the ONLY kid in Meldrum Bay!

 And adding to the list of those who helped us out, we have to mention our Sea Ray friends from Midland, ON on Georgian Bay. Keith & Louise on Riverwalk and Bill & Trisha on Sapphire. They were headed to the US, so they gave us all their meat and produce that they couldn't take with! We were able to feast for days! Thanks guys!

Now we just wait and see if the part we need is available in Gore Bay in the morning.

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