Saturday, August 28, 2010

Days 6 at port in Charlevoix

As I'm writing on day 6, an orchestra is playing in the park next to our boat, and over 100 people are gathered on blankets and lawn chairs to listen. It amazes me how happy everyone in this town seems! Ben says he feels like we're in disney world! We get such a magical feeling from this town, and we're sad that we're going to have to leave tomorrow. We really like the municipal marina here, and Hal, the harbor master, may be the friendlist we've met so far.

This morning we slept in late and eventually wandered over to the farmer's market, about 100 feet from our dock, where we bought carrot cake for breakfast. After breakfast, we explored around town for a bit, and then went over to the pier to wait for the Beaver Island ferry to come in. (We were supposed to meet our priest, Father Doug, on Beaver Island... but we never made it there due to the weather) We weren't sure if Father Doug would be on this particular ferry, but we were in luck! We were able to say hello to him and his mom, and apologize for not visiting on the island.

Now we were off to explore what Lake Charlevoix had to offer. Our dock neighbor, Mike from New York, recommended a restaurant on the lake in Ironton, called The Landings. We don't have anything like this place by our house, so we were eager to pull our boat in for lunch. Once we found the restaurant, we just pulled our boat up to the dock, got off and found a table! We were able to enjoy our burgers and margaritas on the patio just in front of the boat.

After lunch we continued about 8 miles down the lake to Boyne City and tied up fo
r about an hour. It was a cute little town, but didn't seem like much there other than ice cream shops... so we got some ice cream! Heading back to Charlevoix, the wind was strong, but it was the smoothest lake we've encountered yet on our trip.

Weather on Day 5: Sunny & Windy, waves 4-6 feet with possible water spouts
Weather on Day 6: Sunny & Windy, waves 2-4 feet

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