Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 12 - Safe Harbor in Sturgeon Bay, WI

We weren't planning on visiting Wisconsin, but we're glad we're here!
To avoid the predicted 12-14 ft waves and gale warnings, we made the decision to cross the lake to Wisconsin, where conditions are considerably better. Upon arrival, we were greeted by one of Door County's famous sunsets. Hopefully this is a good sign for the remainder of our trip! We'll be spending the next couple of days here, and moving south when conditions allow, either Saturday or Sunday. The trip is winding down, and we're enjoying our last few days of freedom and relaxation before it's back to real life! :-)
Leland MI to Sturgeon Bay WI
Miles: 83.4
Time: 3hrs to dock
Fuel used: 39.1 Gal.
Avg Mpg: 2.13!(Best yet)!
Total miles traveled: 691.3


  1. Where do you plan on going in Door County? I wonder if the Chocolate Chicken is still around.....if so, make sure to get their chocolate covered cherry latte....yum!

  2. It's in Egg Harbor and if it's not still around get up to Fish Creek. Delicious Fudge.