Thursday, January 11, 2018

Indiana Rendevous at Hotham Island

Aboard Traumfanger 
Monday, July 24 - Left Fox Island and communicating with friends on next destination

Our friends, Jim and Anne aboard Traumfanger, were headed to a yet-to-be-determined anchorage in Oak Bay / Hotham Island that would be protected from the wind. We met Jim and Anne, also from Indiana, on our 2nd North Channel trip in Marianne Cove and they've become great friends!

We found them in the South anchorage around 3 in the afternoon, and were also joined by Bob and Susan on Le Voyageur. This made for 3 boats from Indiana in the same anchorage!

Finding a spot to tie to in the anchorage
We've passed through Oak Bay once before and stayed for one extremely windy night in Leroy's Cove (on the GLCC chart), but we didn't have a great experience. Because of that, we were hesitant to go again to Oak Bay on another windy day.  We're so glad we did though, because the south anchorage on Hotham Island was beautiful and calm, and we were the only boats there for the day.  In North Channel standards it's not the most exciting anchorage, but it allowed us some relaxation and plenty of time to visit with our friends! It was so quiet that we could listen to the music being played on Traumfanger from across the anchorage, which is such an amazing part of any of our NC trips.

Sail captain RJ
RJ being serenaded and obviously appreciating it ;-)

Center of attention
We had a wonderful visit aboard Traumfanger! RJ enjoyed exploring every bit of the boat, carrying around cherry tomatoes (no, it did not end well), and testing his limits on the stairs and deck.  After a few days at Fox by ourselves, it was a nice change to be around a great group of friends. Having friends in our traveling destinations makes for a much easier trip for Ben and I, and gives RJ some entertainment. ;-)  We're so lucky to have met such wonderful people in our travels.

Swimming and playtime at Hotham Island - warm water, yucky muddy bottom

Ben out exploring on the paddle board

Beautiful anchorage - Hotham Island South Anchorage (we are tied up to the North part of the anchorage)

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