Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 7: Running for Cover in Killarney

Uh oh!
Day 7: Thursday, July 21st - Covered Portage Cove to Killarney 
Sportsman's Inn, George Island side

We parted ways this morning with our friends Kurt and Beth on Petry's Pet, as they headed back west and we moved forward toward Georgian Bay.  As we looked at the radar though, we got a little nervous about the impending storm... and ultimately decided to head to Killarney to tie up on a dock.  Without the baby aboard, we may not have made this decision, but we were playing it safe on this trip!

Storm clouds move in
Meanwhile down in the cabin... RJ is just chillin and watching Blaze (and the Monster Machines)

The storm passed pretty quickly without really amounting to much, but we had already paid for overnight dockage, so we decided to make the most of the day at dock!  This was our first time staying on the George Island side of Sportsman Inn Marina, and we enjoyed the peacefulness. :-)  

Storm? What storm?
Ben doing some fishing off the dock at Sportsman Inn Marina
Lunch at Herbert's - Fish and Poutine yummmmmm
RJ trying some Herbert's - I think he liked it!

This was our first time eating at the new Herbert's restaurant!  It was nice to have a place to eat indoors (it was pretty hot that day), but we definitely missed the old schoolbus! We were lucky to get there at an off time, so there weren't many people there and we were able to get a table indoors.  

We otherwise had a pretty quiet day exploring and napping, and saving up our energy for more adventures to come!

Mama and baby bear :-)
The whole Seapickle crew in Killarney

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