Monday, October 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Summer..part 2

The best feeling in the world is waking up to a perfect, calm lake, beautiful sunrise and your friends rafted up on the boat next to you. We lounged around on the boat all morning... made coffee, picked on Jacob, ate breakfast, waved hello to Captain Ron... and waited for the rest of the boater's beach gang to arrive.

Jacob on Pier Pressure
Captain Ron checking out the beach
Slowly but surely other boats began to arrive. A little earlier than usual, perhaps because everyone knew that this may be our last opportunity of the season to all spend the day together. Everyone who arrived brought some sort of food or drink, plus friends and pets, to add to our beach party. We got the grill going early and didn't stop all day. Pizzas, veggies, italian beef, hot dogs (that fell in the sand), all kinds of snacks... we were feeling a little spoiled that day!
Just hanging out on the beach
Relaxing day on the beach

The whole crew

Jacob getting "toughened up"

Dana taking a break from sun bathing and napping

Ron and Kelly from D dock. You guys need to come stay on G dock!
It was so sunny and warm that day it was hard to believe it was really October and our last day out on Seapickle for the year. No one wanted the day to end, but eventually as the sun began to set and the evening grew cool, we had to give in and start thinking about heading back. Even after 3 full days on the beach, we still weren't ready... especially Dana who refused to get off her beach blanket, even while shivering in a sweatshirt and pants in the cool October air. Finally the last of us decided to pack up for the final voyage back to Marina Shores of 2011.

Dana was cold, but unwilling to leave "her beach."

Packing up for the final time

Goodbye Boaters Beach..we look forward to seeing you in the spring!

One last look at the sunset as we turn into the channel
We had the most amazing summer and wouldn't trade any of our memories for anything! Many of those memories due to our boat "family" and great friends Ron, Debbie & Jacob from Pier Pressure... we look forward to many more summers together!

G dock family
As we bid farewell to Seapickle that night we were definitely sad, but also just so grateful for the amazing 6 months of the year that we really live life to the fullest. There were times we stayed up all night, we may have overindulged on a "few" occasions, some of us didn't cut our grass for months, we neglected house projects, and obsessively checked the marine forecast while at work... but we can definitely say we soaked up every bit of sun we could and enjoyed every moment to the fullest.

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