Sunday, February 6, 2011

Strictly Sail, Chicago

No we do not have a sailboat... but... you never know! We might want to retire on one in the Caribbean someday, so we're trying to learn a bit about them now! We had a great time at the Strictly Sail show at Navy Pier with Ben's parents, Bill & Kathy.

We found one boat that we really liked, even though it's a bit smaller than our boat. It's a Seaward 26 by Hake Yachts (pictured above & below). Small enough to learn on, and still enough space to trailer and spend a week or so on comfortably. It's a possibility for the future, since there's a lot of areas we want to explore, and it would be easier in some cases to trailer a boat. Not for awhile though... we're having way too much fun with Seapickle II for now!

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