Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 6 cont... Artist's Lake (So Amazing it gets it's own Post!)

The narrow, hard-to-spot entrance to the canoe portage to Artist's Lake
Last year on our North Channel trip, the ultimate destination for me was Topaz Lake (in Killarney Provincial Park). Once we got to that mountaintop overlooking the lake, I felt like we made it, that nothing could get better.  This year, of course, we were on a mission to top that experience.  

Just inside the entrance to the portage, on the way to the waterfall we could hear but not yet see
Looking at the charts for Baie Fine, the hike to Artist's Lake does not look like an easy one.  Had we not just spoken about kayaking in Killarney Provincial Park with our friend Jim, we may not have even gone searching for the entrance!  I'm so glad we did though, because Artist's Lake has become to Ben what Topaz Lake was for me. (And I was in awe as well)  The experience is, I think, best expressed in photos. Enjoy!

Time to leave the kayak and hike the rest!
Ben enjoying the view of the waterfalls
Smooth rocks formed by glaciers
So excited for new experiences in our favorite place!
Perfect photo by Ben
Waterlilies (I was picturing Monet loving this) 
Seriously, how much better could it get?
We'll be back :-)


  1. How amazing, no wonder Ben fell in love! I'm impressed you were able to find it, it looks pretty remote.


  2. Thanks for the comment! Next time were going to order a park map and try to kayak some of the lakes within the park. Just get a boat and come with!!!