Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 2: At Anchor in Gibson Cove, North Channel Ontario

First NC morning anchored in Gibson Cove
Sunrise over Mount McBean, from Gibson Cove
Saturday, July 12th: At Anchor in Gibson Cove, North Channel Ontario
I set my alarm for before sunrise (5:20am) and woke from a deep sleep to take some photos and video of the peaceful North Channel morning. Just as the sun rose, I woke Ben so that he could also enjoy the view, and then we both went back to sleep until about 9:30am. So nice to not have anything to do!

Dana "checking-in" with Roy Eaton on Cruisers Net
When I woke again and saw it was 9:30, I jumped up and turned on Cruisers Net, hoping we could still make it to check-in with Roy! The first thing we heard was a check-in from Heywood, and as Roy headed West, we heard our cove neighbor on Bandit II check in. A couple minutes later I finally got through to check in "Seapickle II in Gibson Cove." At the end of the broadcast, a boater called in to thank another boat for their help, and Roy remarked that is was just another great example of the way people go out of their way to help others in this community of boaters. Just one of the reasons why we love the North Channel so much! 

One of our morning visitors (the other was a beaver)
 We spent the morning relaxing, and then set about the task of getting Seapickle cleaned up and organized for our trip. With everything in place, we enjoyed a nice lunch and marveled at how lucky we are to be here. :-)  After lunch, I kayaked to the east point on Fox Island while Ben did some fishing off the boat. When I returned, we hiked the island a bit and collected wood for an evening fire. 

Poor Ben! 
When we returned to the boat, Ben decided to do some perch fishing. The weather soon turned to pouring rain, just about as soon as he started to fish! He hung in there for awhile, but only caught a couple little perch. Feeling defeated (poor Ben!), he returned to the boat empty handed and couldn't make his darling wife the requested"surf & turf" dinner.

Ben crafting a lovely bonfire on shore

Enjoying my very first North Channel bonfire on the rocks
Later in the evening we enjoyed a nice fire onshore, and Ben even found a little stool stored nearby for me to sit on! Thunder rumbling off in the distance threatened to break up our fire party, but we were able to relax and enjoy until the thunder got a little too close for comfort and we kayaked quickly back to the boat. Watching the lightning light up the sky was a great ending to a perfect, relaxing day!
Seapickle II anchored in Gibson Cove, Fox Island

Port Departed: Stayed at anchor in Gibson Cove (NE Fox Island) for another night
Port Arrived: NA

Weather: Cloudy & warm, heavy periods of rain in the afternoon, West wind

What & Where we Ate: Coffee & coffee cake for breakfast; Ham & pickle sandwich on pretzel roll w/ salads for lunch; yogurt for afternoon snack, Filet with mushrooms, zucchini, and buttered noodles for dinner

Money Spent: $0


  1. I don't think my first comment went through, so here goes! Interior looks great! My girlfriend and I watch your adventures, so thanks for sharing. I wonder what your secret is? How do you find these great places and know where the marinas and fuel and help and .....oh yeah water deep enough to boat in is? :) We are hoping to be on lake Michigan August 23/24th and would love to meet you guys if your out. We want to do some of these things in the future, but right now there are two 16 year old girls to contend with at home! The day we went by you in the marina, my girl friend was in the cabin and when I told her who I was talking to she was mad. She said "why didn't you tell me? I would have said hello!" Silly me I assumed she knew. Anyway great trip share....and p.s. the poor Ben comment? He had a full cooler I hope? (of beer) LOL

    1. Thanks Stan! One of our great resources is our membership in the Great Lakes Cruising Club - - which gives tons of information on the North Channel, and all the Great Lakes - including all the marinas, harbors, and charts! We do A LOT of research, but that's what winter is for! We have the Ports Guide for the North Channel/Georgian Bay, and that is a great resource.

      Can you send Ben an email to I'm not sure yet where we'll be the 23/24th :-) Hope we get to meet you guys soon, other than just briefly boating by in the marina!

      I'm sure there was some beer in that cooler, so not a total loss of a kayak trip :-) Thanks for your comment and hope to talk to you soon!

  2. I sent the e mail and hope the weather holds up or I will have a rain check too! Winter needs to stay away for a bit longer. Thanks for the info...ttys