Saturday, June 7, 2014

Boat Interior Remodel Part II - Replacing Vinyl with Fabric

The trap door discovered
This past spring, Seapickle II underwent yet another interior improvement. 

The past couple of years we've noticed small things such as spices, pens, grill lighters and various kitchen utensiles disappearing from the galley throughout the season. Initially it was dismissed as a simple misplacement of items, until one day Dana was storing groceries for the weekend and she watched a packet of noodles disappear before her eyes. The culprit was discovered and mystery solved when upon further inspection we found the back panel of the cabinet would open up, allow something to fall through, and return to it's normal position.

Over the years the staples have backed out

Since the cabinet and shelves had to be removed, I decided that it was also a good time to replace the white vinyl under the shelves that had seen better days. We fell in love with the designer fabric Four Winns used on our friends Dennis and Christa's 278 in this same location. As luck would have it, Great Lakes Skipper, an overstock outlet for manufacturers just so happened to have this very fabric in stock!!

Disassembly begins
Unlike the fabric under the shelves in the V berth, the fabric for the cabinet is attached to the backside of the cabinet and not the walls of the hull. The cabinet had to be pulled away from the wall to be able to install the new fabric.

Slowly sliding cabinet out and being careful not to damage any surfaces
That should give enough access
Not the first time Seapickle II has been in this state of  disarray
Old fabric carefully cut away
Adding some foam backing for support
To make sure the new staples wouldn't push out, we added some extra foam to fill in the gap between the counter and hull. Luckily we had some 1 inch foam laying around the house which was a perfect fit, and with a little 3M spray tack seems to be in place for the long haul.
New fabric installed
Laying out fabric for V berth install

Cabinet Repaired!
The new fabric really adds a warmer feel

We still have a ways to go with decorating on this project, but at least the boat is back together and we aren't losing things from the cabinet anymore. We were surprised to see that maybe this wasn't a new problem, since we found a complete set of silverware from the previous owner once we had everything disassembled.

Dana designed a cool "Seapickle II" sticker for the mirror , and we have been busy looking for new pillows, picture frames, and other decorations so once we have them all in place we'll post some new pics.

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