Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 14: "A Bear!"

Seapickle II - last boat hanging out in Covered Portage Cove outer harbor
Thursday, August 8th: With strong wind warnings forecasted again (are there ever NOT strong wind warnings in the North Channel?), we decided to forego anchoring overnight in the Benjamins and just stay longer in Covered Portage Cove before heading back to Spanish. It was a beautiful morning, and we sat and watched all the other boats in the harbor parade out, leaving us by ourselves by 10am.

Indian Head Rock at the entrance to Covered Portage Cove
Ben spent some time exploring by kayak, and I read a book on the bow of the boat. We were soaking up every last bit of the peacefulness of the North Channel that we could. Around 11am, we were discussing that maybe it was time to start the trip to Spanish, when I glanced out the port window and exclaimed "A bear!"

North Channel black bear - Covered Portage Cove
North Channel black bear - Covered Portage Cove
Just across from our boat, on the NE shore, a large black bear with a heart-shaped white patch on his chest was checking us out. As soon as I noticed him, he sauntered back into the woods. I ran for the camera and we both waited in silence, sure that he would come back. And a few minutes later, there he was! Standing up in the tall grass, about 15 feet where he originally came out, he peeked out at us for a minute or two. He must have decided we were not a threat, so he came lumbering out over the rocks, pausing to pose and look at us (or so it seemed), before going for a short swim over to the eastern shore. He was so cute, and we could hardly contain our excitement!

North Channel black bear - Covered Portage Cove
We've been waiting to see a bear the whole trip, and we were so happy we decided we were going home completely fulfilled. There were a few more stops that day on the journey back to Spanish (like the Anchor Inn for lunch), but the bear was definitely the highlight.

Heading West back to Spanish Marina
Coming up to the Little Current bridge
Docking on the wall in Little Current
Little Current was a really cute little town!
The Anchor Inn Hotel, where Cruisers Net broadcasts on the 2nd floor. We had a great lunch there!
Looking around in Turner's - cool old maps & old GLCC burgee
By 9pm we were docked in the Spanish Marina and drinking Rye and Glava on a SeaRay named "True Blue," and speaking philosophically about boats, life, and naked swimming. We are growing fond of Canadians. ;-)

"Hole in the Wall" on the way back to the Spanish Marina
Channel leading to Spanish Marina
Our last night in the North Channel was spent in the Spanish Marina!

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