Saturday, January 13, 2018

Two Nights in Little Current

RJ navigates the way through the channel leading to Little Current
Tuesday & Wednesday - July 25-26

The winds were still howling and it was time to spend a night in port and recharge, so we took off for Little Current late Tuesday morning.  As an added incentive, Roy Eaton was hosting the annual July Cruisers Net Rendezvous at the town docks, and we hadn't made it to one yet! The seas were rough though on our cruise from Oak Bay/Hotham Island to Little Current, and we made it into a slip just in time for Dana and RJ to rush off the boat and make it for the end of the rendezvous (and just in time to register, and win a prize! haha)  It was great to see some familiar faces, including Bob and Susan, who left earlier that morning from Hotham.

Arrived just in time to catch the end of the annual July Cruisers' Net Rendezvous
After getting Seapickle tied up and situated, Ben was able to join us at the Rendezvous, and then we took RJ for a quick walk to Low Island park, just past Spider Bay Marina, where there is a sand beach and nice view of the channel. It's always nice to be on land after a few days on the boat, especially to let RJ run off some energy.

Can you spot the Seapickle?

Wednesday, July 26

Rainy walk to the Anchor Inn for breakfast

RJ the rock climber

Anchor inn toddler entertainment

New boat toys from Turners in Little Current
The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at the Anchor Inn then shopped and wandered around for awhile before putting RJ down for a nap. While he was napping, Orca and Ceiba II arrived and fought a heavy current into their slips. We were happy to be reunited with old friends, and meet some new ones! Paul (Orca) brought along Jamie, Sara, and Bogdan as crew for this part of his trip. We met Jamie and Sara the previous year, and were so happy to reunite! Orca was also traveling with another boat from his marina, Brett and David aboard Ceiba II.

Ben spent most of the afternoon diagnosing and oil leak that was affecting the dinghy motor, and was glad to have the assistance (and some drinks) with our friends on the dock.  RJ had another late nap, and then it was time to head to dinner at the Anchor Inn! We had an amazing dinner with equally amazing people, and were glad to have met Brett and David on this trip as well.

Side note: The next morning, we needed to get some groceries and jugs of water from the store, which is a pretty decent walk from the marina.  Bogdan, who we just met the night before, handed over the keys to his BMW without any hesitation, even though they were leaving before us and Ben would have to return the keys at the next anchorage. Those Canadians sure are friendly, eh?

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