Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 5 (part 2): Killarney Mountain Lodge - Dinner and Marina Stay

Looking down the channel in Killarney from our dock at Killarney Mountain Lodge

Day 5 (part 2 - sorry for the delay!): Luisa Island to Killarney Mountain Lodge for the night

We arrived in Killarney in the early afternoon and checked in at Killarney Mountain Lodge for the night.  We arrived just in time to shower and dress for dinner at the new/updated restaurant at the lodge.  It was our first time there, but I believe the updated restaurant is a little fancier than before.  (So in boater terms, that means we actually showered and dressed in our best nautical wear) :-)

Entrance to Killarney Mountain Lodge
Nautical family fireplace photo :-)
We had been prompted to make reservations for dinner when we called to reserve a slip, so I was able to reserve a table for us and for our friends Kurt and Beth. We had a wonderful dinner, and Captain RJ had his first taste of fresh caught Whitefish!

The baby captain trying whitefish

Ben and RJ at dinner at Killarney Mountain Lodge
After dinner we walked the town and got some ice cream (of course), and just enjoyed being able to show RJ the sights!  Although it stays light out later than we're used to, RJ still went down for bed at his normal time, and we were able to have some time to ourselves (with the baby monitor nearby). :-)

Admiral mama and baby bundle on our dock

Enjoying the full moon and some drinks with the baby monitor nearby
The next morning, I was ready to leave the boat when I noticed everyone staring...  An otter was hanging out eating a fish right behind our boat!  After I closed the door (truthfully it kind of freaked me out), it was sooooo cute!

Ben, Kurt, and Beth taking photos from the dock

Cute lil otter close up
After lunch at Herberts, for RJ's second taste of Whitefish and first taste of poutine, we headed out for another night or two at anchor at Covered Portage Cove... one of our favorites!  Check back for the next post soon!

Captain RJ and First Mate Ben leading us out of Killarney

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