Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 4: Let the Wind and the Waves Crash Outside...

Calm morning in Croker Island Anchorage, looking over our bow at Petry's Pet
Day 4: Monday, July 18 - Croker Island Anchorage - Strong Wind Warning in Effect. Wind West 20 veering to Northwest 20.  We enjoyed a typical relaxing morning on the boat, drinking coffee and making breakfast on the swim platform.  After breakfast, Ben went off on some dinghy exploration with Kurt from Petry's Pet and some of the crew from Orca.  They found an old outhouse in the woods on the other side of the island. 
Breakfast cooking on the swim platform

While the snakes sun outside on the rocks 

Dinghy exploration

View of Seapickle from the rocks
Later during RJ's morning nap, I took the opportunity to do some hiking and exploring, and went over to the other side of the high rocks on the island, where I encountered very strong wind and waves.... and phone signal!  Since I could make a call, and since we were planning on running all the way to Killarney the next day, I made reservations for us and for Petry's Pet at The Killarney Mountain Lodge.  I also was able to make us dinner reservations in their newly remodeled dining room. :-)

Looking out at Porcupine Island from the other side of Croker

Wind and waves on the other side of Croker

Meanwhile back on the boat..
Meanwhile on the boat RJ was waking up from his nap and ready for some lunch!  We cooked up some lunch again on the swim platform, while Ben and I both did a little swimming (and bathing) and then Ben tried his luck at catching some fish (didn't happen).

Watch out for snakes!

Trying to catch some fish to add to our lunch 
Later on in the early evening, we were invited to Orca for dinner and drinks.  Paul, the boat owner, made the wise decision to invite his friend Sara on the trip, and she's a chef!  They made an amazing dinner (I think I contributed some sad pasta salad from what I had on the boat), and even RJ was impressed!  I think it's adorable how he felt right at home on their boat, even letting Sara feed him guacamole and other yummy things off her plate :-)  We were so glad we gave Croker another try.  It's become one of our favorite anchorages!

RJ just chilling and being fed some guacamole :-) (one of his first foods)
Hey! This guy looks like me!
Our favorite photo from our beautiful Croker Island Anchorage

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