Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 3: Strong Winds Chase us to Croker Island

Day 3: Sunday, July 17 - Depart Bay of the Benjamins and Arrive to Croker approx. 11:30am (1.9mi)
Strong South winds turning Southwest and Northwest by morning - Strong wind and storm warning

Orca crew leading us to anchorage in Croker (the sailboats were on the way out)

We were having a relaxing morning anchored in the Bay of the Benjamins with Petry's Pet, but becoming a bit concerned about the weather/wind change that was due to happen later that morning (as is typical of the North Channel).  Suddenly Ben noticed Jamie zooming back to Orca on the dinghy, followed by them pulling anchor and leaving the anchorage.  A few minutes later Ben received a message from Paul that the Croker Island anchorage was empty and would be completely protected from the weather change!

Croker Island wasn't on our short list to visit on this trip, but in boating (and in life) you just have to go with the flow and make the best of it.  Planning usually doesn't get you too far! :-)  Paul and Jamie led us in on the dinghy and helped us tie to shore.  After that, we had a whole day of relaxation ahead of us.

At anchor in Croker with Petry's Pet and Orca
We were lucky to have this beautiful, calm Croker Island anchorage while the winds and waves grew on the other side.  We were also lucky this year to have buddy boats with us as we navigated our first trip with a baby. :-)  RJ was still on 3 naps at the time, so Ben and I took turns taking off on the paddle board, hiking, taking out the dinghy, and exploring.  Since I was primarily responsible for feeding the baby, a lot more time was spent in the cabin this summer than ever before! (He's lucky he's so cute) :-)

Captain RJ just being adorable as usual

Croker Island - home of the many swimming snakes 
Although not on our original agenda, this detour to Croker Island was a great call (even with the snakes).  Luckily this visit we knew that the swimming snake was not poisonous, but we still were careful to watch for them before jumping in for a swim or a lake bath!  

Hanging out in the cabin and listening to some music

Daddy and baby love

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