Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Port Captains for Great Lakes Cruising Club!!

Ben and I are so excited to announce that we were recently named GLCC Port Captains for Burns Waterway in Portage, Indiana!  We have been members of the GLCC since 2012 and are looking forward to getting more involved in the club.  We originally joined at Strictly Sail in Chicago, when we were impressed by the Harbor Reports and travel information offered for the great lakes.  We could not have done many of our adventures without the assistance of the harbor reports and the local knowledge of those in the GLCC.  Plus, we meet some wonderful people along the way!

For more information on the Great Lakes Cruising Club, please watch the video above and visit


  1. Congratulations, you two deserve it!

  2. Awesome, Do you have any pull with mother nature? Maybe you could get the heat turned on in the area so we can get 2015 boating season kicked off! :)

  3. Congratulations...such an honor! Always enjoy reading about your boating adventures on your blog.