Sunday, November 2, 2014

South Haven Weekend Getaway Days 2-3

Walked downtown for breakfast from Golden Brown Bakery... yummy!
Waking up on my own comfy boat "home" and knowing I'm somewhere new is one of the best things about boating for me.  No matter where we travel with Seapickle or how far from home, we're always taking our "home" with us.  I know people like to talk about the cost of owning and maintaining a boat and how everything seems to break at once, but to us, boating is like an extended vacation 6 months out of the year.  And, how else can you guarantee a water-view room so close to downtown?  Ahhhh... boating. :-)

View from the boat... just a block to downtown, and a short walk to the lake.
Seapickle Photo Opp
Sporting the nautical and Four Winns gear
After breakfast on the boat, we took a walk downtown in search of ice cream, cute nautical shops, a bookstore, and maybe some food.  We found all of those and more!  South Haven, of the Western Michigan ports, has one of our favorite downtowns with so much to do and see.

Frozen yogurt instead of ice cream for a change (note the two cups)
Taking a break in a bookstore... one of my favorite things to do!  (yes that's a dog in the background)
Sunset in South Haven, Michigan 
Late night dinner at Clementine's
We enjoyed a leisurely day just walking around downtown, then took a nap after a late lunch, woke up in time for sunset and then walked over to a really late dinner at Clementine's.  The next morning, we weren't really in a rush to leave, so we slept in a bit and went for a ride on the lake before heading back to the ramp.  We took Blue Star Highway to Red Arrow on the way home, and couldn't resist a stop at Redemak's for lunch.  Parking the boat at Redamak's was a new experience for us, but definitely worth it.  We took Route 12 in Indiana the rest of the way home, and it was probably the easiest tow we've ever had.  Can't believe we haven't done this trip before, but we will definitely be adding it the list for next summer.

Seapickle in the parking lot at Redamak's
The kind of cheeseburger you crave all winter long

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