Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 9: Little Current to Spanish, ON to...

Stopping by South Benjamin harbor on the way back to Spanish
Saturday, July 19: The day we go home to Door County, Wisconsin for vacation round 2, this time with family!  We woke up early in Little Current to start our trip back to Spanish to put Seapickle back on the trailer.  On the way, we decided to poke into South Benjamin harbor (can you believe, in 3 years of going to the North Channel, we STILL have not anchored in the Benjamins?!?!).  While seeing the beauty of the harbor made us a little sad since we were not able to stay, we were glad we had the chance to see it and put it on our MUST-DO itinerary for next year!

Poutine stop! This was a must before getting on the road.
 Once back in Spanish, we were able to leave Seapickle at the courtesy dock while we ran into town for gas and a mandatory stop at Lucky's Snack Shop for poutine!  We met a nice couple (who are GLCC members) on the sailboat "Wind Spirit" and drove Mary into town for groceries while we were there as well. :-)  One of my favorite parts of traveling/boating is connecting with others along the way and helping each other out.  There's such a great sense of community that I have yet to find anywhere else!

Ready to go!
 Loading Seapickle onto the trailer was, thankfully, pretty uneventful and we were assisted by Al, who we met last year in Spanish. It took a good hour or so to get the boat ready for the next part of our journey... a nearly 500 mile tow to Sister Bay, Wisconsin to meet up with family for another week. (The drive ended up taking about 12 hours)

Back on the road again... feels like we were just here!
 While we were sad to cut this portion of our trip short, we were really excited to hang out with Ben's family for a week in Door County, where they have been vacationing for many years. We were also very excited to meet our new baby niece for the first time!

Much easier to find this time around!
 Back to the USA! We weren't sure what we would find once we got to the bridge. Last year we were stopped for over an hour in traffic.

International bridge to USA
No traffic this year.. yay!
Somewhere in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
 The drive through Michigan's UP was beautiful and boring, at the same time! :-)  This part of the trip seemed to last forever... and we still had hours to go through Wisconsin.

Finally time to relax
Around midnight, we dropped Seapickle off in the parking lot for Sister Bay Marina, where we would launch in the morning.  It was definitely sad to leave our little home sitting there in the parking lot, but we knew that a beautiful log cabin in the woods awaited!

Door County Wisconsin - Cabin with family

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  1. Thanks for more great pictures and video! And What a nice shirt you have! (Bears) I though everyone was a Colts fan over there....Hahaha Unfortunately I had to winterize my boat on Monday :( weather is too iffy for a boat on a trailer. Thanks for sharing, as usual these are awesome shots!!!