Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 8: Little Current & Cruiser's Net Happy Hour at Anchor Inn

Walking to Happy Hour at the Anchor Inn
Friday, July 18: We were so excited today to attend our first Cruiser's Net Happy Hour, hosted by Roy Eaton at the Anchor Inn in Little Current. Listen to some of Roy's broadcasts here.  We were looking forward to meeting Roy, who's voice joined us every morning at 9am, even in some of the more remote anchorages. Making it extra special was the fact that our friends Jim & Anne were playing music during the happy hour.

The North Channel's legendary Roy Eaton, of Little Current Cruiser's Net
When we got to the Anchor Inn, we signed in at the desk and were quickly greeted by Roy, who we had let know we were planning on attending when we called in that morning.  Roy seemed genuinely excited to meet all of the boater's who gathered there that afternoon.  There was a buffet set up in the middle of the room with lots of goodies provided by the Anchor Inn, and a bar in the back where I got to try a delicious Alexander Keith's Hard Cider (which was served over ice).

Jim Krause & Anne Hurley playing some of our favorite songs
We grabbed a table next to where Jim & Anne were playing with another boater couple from Indiana, Susan and Robert from Le Voyageur!  There was a great kinship between the boaters who gathered for the happy hour, and it was so great to share stories of past trips and get ideas for future anchorages.

Anne singing "The Sailboat Song"
Anne prepared a special song for the occasion, called "The Sailboat Song," which was very funny... but also informative. :-) (I will get it on YouTube asap!)  After Happy Hour we met for dinner at the Anchor Inn, were convinced by Megan on Sleek to bring our future children to the North Channel in Moses Baskets, stopped for Ice Cream, met a couple from Ogden Dunes (next to our home port), and just enjoyed the company of kindred spirits. Today was very different than our usual days in the North Channel, but we're so glad we were able to meet new friends and also connect again with old friends.  We were so sad that this would be our last night this year, but so glad we could spend it with such wonderful people, and we're already looking forward to meeting back up next year. The North Channel just gets into your soul.

Dinner with Indiana friends at the Anchor Inn
Little Current sunset from the Town Docks

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