Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 5: Little Current to Snug Harbor and meeting up with friends!

Morning on the dock at Spider Bay Marina
Tuesday, July 15: We woke up to pretty nice weather this morning, but saw on the radar and forecast that it wasn't supposed to last through the rest of the day. We had intended to cruise up to McGregor Bay this morning to meet up with Traumfanger, but the forecast had us second guessing our plans. We tried a few times to contact Traumfanger, but with no luck (reception can be pretty spotty), so we made the decision to move on before the wind and rain came.

Swing bridge at Little Current - we're not tall enough to need it to open
Strawberry Island Lighthouse again a darkening sky
Once we passed the Little Current bridge heading east, we had to make a decision on where we would anchor and find shelter for the day. We decided on Snug Harbor, in the Landsdown Channel, due to its protection from all winds. Earlier in the morning, I had let Traumfanger know we were going there, but wasn't sure that they received the message. As 9am rolled around and we listened to the check-ins on Cruiser's Net though, we were assured that Traumfanger got the message when they called to check in from Snug Harbor. Yay!! Even if it's a rainy/windy day, at least we'd have friends to hang out with.

Can you spot the entrance to Snug Harbor? 
Snug Harbor anchorage
Once we found the entrance to Snug Harbor and navigated the somewhat shallow entrance, we found Traumfanger anchored right inside. Jim came over in the dinghy to help us find a spot to tie to shore, and we were amazed at the clarity of the water and the fact that we could anchor just a few feet from shore in pretty deep water!

Jim and Anne coming over for a visit
After we were settled in, Jim brought Anne over for a visit.  It was so great to reconnect with "old friends" that we met on our last North Channel trip! 

Ben fishing in Snug Harbor
Dana writing notes in the cruising log
It was a cold and rainy day, probably about in the mid 60's, so we didn't get to do any swimming or really enjoy the crystal clear water. Instead, we did "rainy day" activities like writing in the cruising log, fishing, a little kayaking, lots of eating, drinking beer, and visiting with friends.

Lunch aboard Traumfanger, with special guest Krista
For lunch and dinner, Jim and Anne were kind enough to host us aboard their boat, and we got to meet their friend Krista who was visiting for about a week. Krista made a delicious lunch and later we shared a typical thrown-together boat dinner of parmesan spaghetti, sausages, veggies, and more drinks. We enjoyed a lovely evening with friends and paddled back to Seapickle late at night in the pitch-black. I have never been out in such darkness before, trying to find the boat by flashlight! Amazing experience... and a little scary!

This was one of those days where we pretty much just relaxed, and didn't do a whole lot! So I will finish up with a few more photos of our time at Snug Harbor. Tomorrow, if weather allows, we think we will get an early start and head back up to our favorite anchorage, before meeting Jim & Anne back in Little Current for a Cruiser's Net happy hour in a couple days.

View of Seapickle from a sailboat :-)
Afternoon kayak
A boy and his fishing pole

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