Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 15: The Long Ride Home

Seapickle II - the "runt" of the Spanish Marina
Friday, August 9th: We slept in a bit docked at the Spanish Marina, after a late night with our new Canadian friend Al. We knew it would be a long day, so we went out for a big breakfast at Dixie Lee's Restaurant. I had the "Grama" Omelette and Ben had the "Lumberjack." Both were the biggest breakfast I've ever seen, and delicous! It was nice to have a relaxing morning before the long drive home.

Breakfast at Dixie Lee's - whoa!
Spanish Marina launch ramp. Even though it was steep we did just fine.
Gas in Spanish - 1.37 a liter.
By noon we were finally ready to load the boat on the trailer. Maybe we took our time because we were nervous about the extra steep ramp, and looking at it again, it definitely looked intimidating! Two of the dockhands from the marina helped us out, and it went relatively smoothly! (We also had to save a salamander after almost running it over with the truck)

Roadtrip back home

Goodbye Canada!
Traffic Jam on the International Bridge
The drive back on the Trans-Canada Highway was easy, and the truck route signs were easy to follow to the International Bridge. Once there, we waited over an hour on the bridge to go through border control. It felt like a VERY LONG wait up on the bridge in 30mph winds. We didn't have any trouble getting back through border control once we got there though :-)

View off the Mackinac Bridge
Sunset and hours from home
The rest of the drive was relatively easy, but just long. We finally got back to Portage after midnight and dropped Seapickle off for the night. We were exhausted, but had such a wonderful trip it was worth it. And our cat was definitely happy we were home!

Sure missed this little guy!


  1. Your all images are caught my attention. I think this lake looking so nice. I want to visit this lake !!

  2. Hello, Love your pics from the Spanish Municipal Marina. I was searching the net for some other information and found your blog. In your pic, you're docked right beside my 4270; Al was in the 380 Dancer beside me. When I saw your pic....for some reason, I think we may have said "Hi" at some point as we had an '06, 288 with the identical black hull strip prior to the Cruisers. David & Lori Schatzler "Schatz-Sea"

    1. David & Lori, thanks for your comment! I think you are correct that we said "hi" at some point! :-) We're big fans of the Spanish Marina, especially since it's become the launch-point for our N.C. boating trip the past couple years. Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying the remainder of the season, and maybe we will see you next summer!

      Ben & Dana "Seapickle"