Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 12: Perfect Day in Covered Portage Cove

Leaving Killarney for Covered Portage Cove
Tuesday, August 6: We were able to sleep in a bit in Killarney this morning, which was a nice change. We did some boat chores and laundry in the morning, then enjoyed a very nice breakfast with Jim & Anne at Gateway Marine. Ben had the Big Bouy (eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, & hash browns) and I had an amazing Loaded Omelette & home fries. Both came with delicious homemade bread and strawberry jam. We also could not leave without a Strawberry Rhubarb pie to enjoy on the boat!

After visiting the little store in Killarney, Pitfields Grocery, we were ready to leave Killarney around noon. It was a short run to Covered Portage Cove, about 4 miles, and we took it slow the whole way. We've had such a great trip so far, it was not worth taking chances speeding there! It was a bit overcast, but visibility was good from Dana's bow watch.

Ben getting lil' Pickle ready for exploration

Seapickle spiderwebbed in Covered Portage Cove
We followed the GLCC map and tips to enter the anchorage at Covered Portage Cove. We were unsure once inside where to anchor, so we swung in the middle of the anchorage and inflated lil' Pickle to do a little exploring and depth-checking. We found a nice little area that we had initially thought was too shallow to anchor, but it turned out to be perfect! With Dana in the kayak, we were able to stern in and spiderweb the stern to trees on the rocky white quartz shore. Ben also set out an extra bruce anchor, so we had 2 anchors in front and 2 lines tied in back. We held perfectly throughout the day and night, and we never worried about dragging with our setup.

Ben and lil' Pickle on shore
View from the cliffs behind Seapickle
Weird shelter up on the cliff
After getting secured in, and enjoying some pie for lunch, we took an afternoon nap and followed it up with a hike up the rocks behind the boat. We found an interesting shelter built of sticks, with a fire pit inside. Weird! 

Overcast Sunset in Covered Portage Cove
Ben doing some North Channel reading
After sunset we read a bit in the bunk and reflected on a perfect day! We're really feeling like true North Channel cruisers now. :-)

Trip Details:
Left Killarney 12:30pm. 4 miles to Covered Portage. Arrived 1:00pm.
Weather: Rainy/Overcast, nice temp in the high 60's
Water Temp: 66 degrees in Covered Portage Cove
Winds: SE/South 10-15 knots

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