Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 10: Finally made it to Topaz Lake (one year later than planned)!

Ahhh... Topaz Lake
Sunday, August 4th: Today is the day, just one year later than planned, that we finally make it to Topaz Lake. We've only been dreaming about this day for years (or since we found out about the North Channel). I can't even describe how amazing it was to finally make it, since after last year's trip we never thought we would be back to the North Channel again. The hardest day of our failed 2012 trip was the day we decided to turn back west toward home, instead of east toward Baie Fine and Topaz Lake. There were even discussions of selling the boat after that trip! And yet, here we are!!

Morning in Marianne Cove, Baie Fine
Sunday morning we awoke in Marianne Cove and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast aboard Traumfanger. Since the high winds were not forecasted to let up anytime soon, we discussed the possibility of leaving for The Pool a day earlier than planned. We all agreed it was a good idea, and set about getting the boats ready for departure. We enjoyed a slow cruise through Baie Fine, just taking it all in. The sun shining on the mountains and water was absolutely stunning.

Starting out from Marianne Cove to The Pool, Baie Fine (before we put the flag back up)
lil' Pickle hanging out off the back of Seapickle
Traumfanger in the distance, Baie Fine
One of the islands in the middle of Baie Fine
We passed by many boats anchored along the way in Baie Fine, and even more when we entered the "Narrows," the last 2 miles before The Pool. By now the wind was very strong, and almost from all directions since it was bouncing around due to the mountain cover, but we were determined to make it all the way to The Pool.

Sailboat tucked away just inside the entrance to The Narrows
Traumfanger in the "narrow" entrance

2 miles to The Pool!
We turned into The Pool just past the Evinrude cottage and were struck by the beauty of the place. To scout out a location, Ben anchored off to the side of the anchorage, and I kayaked over to an appealing looking spot between rock walls to check the depth and availability of trees to tie to. Seemed to be a perfect spot to anchor for the night!

First glimpse of The Pool
Anchored in The Pool, tied to 2 trees in back
Neighboring boat in a really cool spot! I don't think we're that brave, yet.
I kayaked back and we pulled anchor (and cleaned off the already gathered weeds), and settled into our new spot, completely protected from the winds. It was perfect. We relaxed awhile and grilled lunch, then finally it was time to journey to Topaz Lake - my dream destination!
Kayaking to the hiking trail to Topaz Lake
Beaching the kayak at the start of the trail, with Evinrude Cottage in background

Happy hiking girl
Uphill riverbed trail to Topaz Lake
We're going the right way! Yay!
After a 20 minute hike, we glimpsed the shimmering blue water through the pine trees. Surrounded on all sides by towering white bluffs, the crystal clear water was truly a sight to behold. We barely got down the rocks before I was in my bathing suit and jumping in the water. It was a bit chilly, but it was so beautiful that it really didn't matter! There were a couple groups of teens there when we arrived, but as soon as they left, it was silent other than the wind. We sat on a comfy rock with backrest and soaked in the moment, before hiking and kayaking back to the boat for the night.

First view of Topaz Lake through the trees

View while swimming in Topaz Lake

Jumping off rocks Topaz Lake
Crystal clear water of Topaz Lake

Topaz Lake - so beautiful

We were just in awe of finally making it to our dream place, and it was even better than we could have imagined.

Trip Details:
Approx 8 miles from Marianne Cove to The Pool, Baie Fine
Left Marianne Cove, Baie Fine at 11:15am. Anchored in The Pool, Baie Fine at 2pm
Winds W/NW 20 knots - strong wind warning
Air Temp ~70 degrees, Water Temp ~70 degrees
Weather was beautiful! Warm with a cool breeze.

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