Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 14: Going Home

After 2 nights at DeTour Harbor, we decided to end the trip a few days early to go home and relax at "our" beach!
We were very happy with the launch ramp in DeTour, and with the marina. Plus, Passage Boat Works was very accommodating in storing our truck & trailer for 2 weeks. They even met us at the launch ramp to help us launch!

Once we had the boat on land, we surveyed the damage from our "rock incident" in Beardrop Harbour. All things considered, we really got lucky that all we ended up with were some scrapes and rough edges.
Heading home, Ben was feeling much more comfortable trailering the boat, even over the Mackinac Bridge
View of Lake Michigan from the Mackinac Bridge
Nearing our home port, we were greeted by some pretty scary storm clouds!
Our next post will be an overview of our trip in the North Channel, and now a month later, how we're feeling about our trip looking back! I will say we are planning on going back next year, hopefully with better luck this time. One thing for sure is we definitely gained a lot of experience and learned some things the hard way. But we wouldn't have traded that experience for any other vacation!