Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 10: Drummond Island, Michigan

Leaving Gore Bay
We decided last night to start making our way home. At this point we both felt like we had dodged a few too many disasters so far on this trip, and maybe the little luck we have had would run out. The next stop on our revised itinerary is Drummond Island.
Morning fog over North Channel
We incorporated all of the leftover meat and produce into breakfast since we couldn't take it over the border. Pulling out of Gore Bay at 11:30 we found the water to be calm, but the visibility was poor due to fog. We still made good time but with the fuel gauge getting uncomfortably close to empty we changed our course for a quick fuel stop in Meldrum Bay. While there we realized how much we loved it there and will miss it! We really hope to return someday.

As we approached Mississagi Straits the seas got considerably rougher to point that we had to slow down to about 8 mph and just plow through the choppy waters. Once we on the leeward side of Cockburn island the seas returned to their previously calm state and we were able to throttle back up to a nice cruising speed.

Seapickle tied up at Drummond Island Yacht Haven
Once near Drummond Island we called in for a transient slip at Drummond Island Yacht Haven to check into customs and possibly stay a couple nights. The customs officer visited our boat shortly after tying up and after showing proper documentation, answering a few questions, and a very brief look around in the cabin we were officially cleared and welcomed back to the states.

Dana floating off the little beach on Drummond Island
Ben enjoying some of Debbie's homemade banana bread while watching the sunset
Sunset over DeTour Passage
There is a beach next to the marina so we took our floats and beach towels and spend some time just relaxing in the sun. As it got later we walked over to a westward facing park bench and enjoyed a nice sunset over Harbor Island which happened to be the very first stop on this trip!

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  1. Looks like you've had an outstanding adventure. The pictures make me miss the North Channel dearly. The granite islands and windswept trees will be etched into your mind to get you through winter. Safe travels back to your home waters!