Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 7 Beardrop Harbour to Blind River

Blind River was a great marina to stay for the night to relax
 After our "adventure" with rocks in Beardrop Harbour, we decided to head into a marina to get some sleep and figure out the rest of our trip - whether we would press on after all our troubles, or give in and head back towards home. We had stopped in Blind River previously to get fuel and it looked like a nice marina, so we decided to head there for the day/night (plus we were looking forward to drowning our sorrows in Farquahar's ice cream - the local ice cream of choice).

We might as well have been wearing signs that screamed "American" as we rode on our borrowed marina bikes :-)
Our first order of business once we tied up at the marina, we borrowed the marina bikes and rode about a mile into town in search of ice cream. And we were in luck! A little convenience store had lots of choices - I got the Maple Pecan and Ben got something caramel - both were delicious! We found a bench by the river to enjoy our ice cream, then headed back to the boat for a nap before dinner.

Comfort food - Sloppy Joes & Southwest Salad
After a nice long afternoon nap to recover from not sleeping the night before (it's not so comfortable to try to sleep at the helm while your boat is feet away from hitting a rock wall, as Ben found out), I made us some boat-style comfort food. Sloppy Joes (from a can) and southwest salad (generously donated by our Canadian Sea Ray friends!) We discussed our options over dinner, and still hadn't completely decided if we'd be heading back to Michigan the next day or if we'd be pressing on. We were a little stressed over the decision, but so exhausted from our adventures that we decided to sleep on it and see how we felt in the morning.
Sunset at Blind River Marina

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