Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is that us in BoatUS Magazine?

Why it sure is! But let me back up for a minute...

Last fall, we submitted 5 pictures from our Michigan Honeymoon Boat Trip for a BoatUS photo contest. While we didn't win, the following spring Dana got an email from the editor of BoatUS, who saw our photos and loved our story of "buying a boat as a wedding gift to ourselves" and our boating honeymoon! She said she was doing a story on how relationships and boating go together, and she'd like us to submit a few paragraphs about how we got into boating and how it works with our relationship. I happily obliged, and then waited and waited to see if our story would make it to the magazine! After a few months, we were very surprised to get the above photo as a text from Ben's dad, whose BoatUS Magazine arrived a few days before ours! We couldn't believe it when we saw our photo so big in a magazine... and we were definitely excited to be boating celebrities the next weekend on the beach :-)

 Here's the link to the article online:

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