Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Perfect Memorial Day

Our friends on "Not Now" raising the flag
Rafting up outside Boater's Beach

Hanging out with friends on "Pier Pressure"

Memorial Day on Lake Michigan was a perfect hot and sunny day... the only negative was not being able to cool off in the water, which was still only 54 degrees! We were visited in the morning by our friends Joe & Miranda, on their Four Winns 268 "Serenity Forever." They had trailered up for the weekend from Indianapolis, and enjoyed the first day of hot weather on the lake! After breakfast and a few errands, we enjoyed lunch on the dock with our friends from "Pier Pressure," "Nauti Kids" and "Not Now."

After lunch we headed out to boater's beach for the first time of the season. Since the water was so cold still, we decided to raft up and hang out on the boats rather than wade to shore. We had a great afternoon - full of sun, friends & fun! Since it was 90 degrees and the lake too cold, we headed back to the marina after a few hours to hang out in the pool and grill some cheeseburgers for dinner.

A quick nap and cleaning up, and we finally went home for the night... all in all a perfect day :-)

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