Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Boat Projects - Interior Remodel

One of the things we love about the newer boats out there today is the materials used in the interior. The Teak and Holly floors with softer feeling earth tone vinyls has really appealed to us. Since our boat has proven herself to us on our big trip, and we see no need to upgrade in size at this time, we have decided to remodel our beloved Seapickle II!

First order of business was to have the V berth cushions recovered in a new vinyl material called  Naugasoft. This vinyl has been tested for excellent abrasion resistance, ease of maintenance, and a -20 deg. cold crack resistance! It will be replacing a brown fabric material that in my opinion has kind of a course feel to it. We had a local upholsterer at NWI Upholstery recover the cushions, and they turned out excellent! The floors are Teak and Holly flooring by Plasteak. They were surprisingly easy to cut to fit based on patterns I made using the old carpets. I still need to glue them down, but at least I got all the cutting/trimming out of the way now.



Recovered cushions piled up ready to be put in the boat!

There is still a lot more work to be done but it sure has been nice to fight cabin fever, slip under the winter covers and get some work done.