Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few Charelvoix favorites

Walking along the channel to Lake Michigan

Had to try out the lights in the crystal clear water

Ben tying bumpers upon arrival

Doing what I do best... looking cute and relaxing :-) haha

Park and downtown next to marina

Seapickle II at night


  1. Truly... the "boating adventures" of Ben and Dana! Good reading and great pics! All is "SUPERRRRRR" back at your Victorian Home and the lawn is perfectly manicured. WOW, It looks like you guys found a new beach, "Benana Beach II"? So, I had a discussion with Skyito and he admitted that he has taking a liking to "isa" of Serisa, I hope he understood that we are a package deal. Tired the tuna-bathing recommendation; but Binford just rolled his eyes, flcked his tail, walked way and at let out a big raspy MEEEOOOOW! … "Whateva"!

    Stay safe and keep up the fun!

  2. Charlevoix looks amazing! Poor Kirk is really wishing we had a boat right about now.

    You guys should put up maps too, so we can see where you are on the lake. :)