Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 9 - Mackinac Island

Historic downtown Mackinac Island. It was very crowded when we arrived, but by the time we were leaving, it was clearing out. This was taken on the way back to the ferry, about 7:30pm. We did everything we set out to do on the island... rode our bikes around the entire 8 mile path, and sampled fudge! We decided on chocolate cherry and dark chocolate pecan.

Views from the ferry on the way to the island.

There are no cars allowed.. so all transportation is either horses or bikes!

The Grand Hotel, we couldn't get any closer since we were not in suits and dresses!

These photos are views from around the island. There is a 8 mile bike path that circles the island... each side is unique and beautiful! We had a great time on our bikes... even if Ben made me ride uphill about a mile out of our way! I was ready to pass out!

Mackinaw Bridge at night

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