Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 1 The Journey begins!

The day we have been waiting has finally arrived! After a year of planning, and three days of careful packing, it was time to leave port and head north. Our goal was to get to the boat and be ready to go at 6a.m. and we came close! We arrived at 6:20a.m. and met Ben's dad, Bill, who helped us load the rest of our gear and film our departure. We left Portage Harbor at approx. 7:20a.m. and headed northeast on the lake with the gps set to Muskegon . The day started out rainy with calm seas, and progressed to much rougher seas. By the time we reached Saugatuck waves were reaching 3ft, and hitting 4ft at Grand Haven!

We reached Muskegon in about 5 hours, where we stopped to see the Tall Ships and meet a fellow Four Winns forum member Cap'n Morgan. Thanks for the open marina slip tip! After touring the Tall Ships it was time to have lunch on the boat, fuel up and complete our trip to White Lake, a little over 10 miles away.

Entering White Lake was very beautiful and peaceful. The lake is 6 miles long, with White Lake Municipial Marina at the very end. We pulled into slip #44 on our port side and a marina attendant was there to help us tie up and tell us about the area.We unloaded our bikes, connected to shore power, and discovered our AC Pump stopped working!! :-( Lucky the forecast called for a cool evening.... and we made plans to try to get a new pump in the morning.

After showering and relaxing a bit, we headed into town in search of pizza. We ordered a deluxe pizza from Big Johns and walked around town while we waited. Back at the boat, we enjoyed dinner and relaxation.. and headed to bed at 10pm, beat up and tired from the long day on a rough lake

Day 1 Miles -154.9
Moving time -7hrs 9min
Fuel used- 77.7 Gal
Average Mpg -1.99!


  1. Nice job guys! Good luck on the remainder of your trip. Sounds to me like you may not be needing the AC pump much on this trip.

  2. Looks like the first day was a success, despite the A/C pump. Hope you guys can get that all squared away!

  3. Great first update! Did you get gas along the way? 1.99MPG...not to bad :)

  4. Great post, very cool, we're looking forward to more! All is well on the homefront - NO WORRIES. Binford has attitude, but we'll work it out. Have fun and stay safe!

  5. Thanks everyone for following! We are having so much fun! We have been in some of the roughest seas we have ever been in, but Dana tells me it's building my captain skills.

    I'm happy to announce the a/c pump is finally fixed!!Joe: We have stopped 3 times for fuel
    Muskegon:77.7 gal @3.40/gal
    Whitelake:20.27 gal @3.42/gal
    Frankfort:51.2 gal @3.28/gal
    We burned 39.1 to get from Frankfort to Charlevoix so we will fill up when we leave here to. We've been hitting such rough water I've been keeping the tank full so running out of fuel is one less thing I have to worry about:-)

  6. Hi Serisa!
    Sorry to hear Binford is giving attitude. Someone once told me the way to fix that is to pour some tuna juice or catnip on yourself.HAHA! Please keep us posted on that one and good luck:-)