Tuesday, July 6, 2010

These Are The Days I Live For

We were lucky this 4th of July weekend to have perfect boating weather all 3 days... and we made sure to take advantage of it! We somehow managed to have no weekend plans for once, so we were able to spend Friday through Monday at the Marina. There's just something so relaxing and carefree about Marina life... it's like being on vacation, but only 15 minutes from home. We didn't plan much for the weekend, other than being out on the lake, hanging out by the pool, eating all our meals off the grill, and installing a fuel flow meter (for Ben). Friday night we enjoyed a lake perch dinner at the Marquette Yacht Club.. which I highly recommend! It's nothing fancy and only open on Friday nights, but the perch is delicious!

Saturday we spent the day out on the lake with our friends Sergio & Lisa. Our first stop was boater's beach, where the boats were lining up side by side. Not too much longer later, the shore was reaching capacity and the Seapickle II was getting blown side to side by the wind. After one close call with a neighboring boat, we decided to head down shore to more open waters.

We anchored outside the dunes national lakeshore (chesterton, in) and enjoyed an awesome lunch provided by Sergio & Lisa. Sergio even baked a pineapple rum cake for Lisa's birthday... and we ate it while floating on our raft. This is the life! haha

Sunday brought the 4th of July and fireworks on the beach in Ogden Dunes. It was crazy to see so many boats anchored out all facing someone's house on the beach! I guess it's a resident there who puts on the show and a big party! Definitely one of the better fireworks shows I've seen... with patriotic music and everything... that's a must for me :-)

We finished up the weekend washing & waxing the boat, and enjoying the sunset at boater's beach. Everyone had gone home for the week... so we had the beach to ourselves. My favorite kind of night :-)

Spending 3 days at the marina has made Ben & I even more excited for our trip in August! We were sad to leave Monday night, but look forward to next weekend for the Gary Air Show, Chicago Loop Cruise, Navy Pier Fireworks, and meeting some new Four Winns friends!



  1. Thanks for letting me celebrate my birthday with you.
    We had a blast!

  2. Thanks for hanging out all day and letting us share your birthday cake!! :-) We had a lot of fun!