Sunday, May 30, 2010

Navy Pier Fireworks

We finally got to accomplish something we've wanted to do since we started boating...see fireworks at Navy Pier! We invited our friends Sergio and Lisa along, which was their first time out on not only our new boat, but any of our prior boats. Actually it's been a long running joke that it seems everyone else has been out on the lake with us except Sergio and Lisa! I guess the joke was on us this whole time considering they brought an incredible blue cheese dip, habanero raspberry dip, and something called beer bread which was really good with...u guessed it beer! We grilled up some cheeseburgers, then hit the lake to begin our trip to Chicago.

The ride there was actually really rough, the waves were 2-3 footers when the marine forcasted waves 1 foot or less, but as rough as it got Sergio had a huge smile on his face the entire time! At least the ride home was smooth, actually it was so smooth both Lisa and Dana slept the whole ride home.

We arrived in Chicago around 9:30 which gave us plenty of time to find the perfect spot for viewing! Shortly after we anchored we starting hearing a ton of honking and cheers that seemed to come from everywhere, not just the boats. We realized the Blackhawks had just won one of it's playoff games against Philly! One thing you can say about Chicago is they love they're sports teams!

All four of us climbed on the bow to get ready to watch the show, when a Chicago police boat came by us on plane, and not more than 30-40 feet away on it's way, not to an emergency, but to set up the perimeter away from the pier!! I yelled to hang on, but we think Lisa got the wrong message because she grabbed on to Sergio's arms which were wrapped around her leaving Sergio with nothing to grab on to! They both almost flew into the drink as the boat shifted violently. Now...I support the boys in blue, but come on that was complete B.S. If I had done the same thing to them I'm sure I would be working overtime trying to pay the hefty fines I probably would have received!
Well we didn't let that little incident ruin our night, and shortly after the fireworks started and all was forgotten. It was well worth the trip. Seeing Chicago lit up at night, and watching the fireworks launching over Navy Pier from the lake is something you really need to see to appreciate. What a beautiful city!

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