Saturday, May 22, 2010

The naming ceremony...and Poseidons response to cheap champagne

It took us quite a while to come up with the name of our boat not because we aren't creative, but because we couldn't decide if we should go with a fun or a serious name. Initially it was all serious or elegant names, but so many of our friends loved the name of our first boat, a 1973 Starcraft bowrider named Seapickle that we eventually decided it was too good of a name to be used once!

If you are unsure what a seapickle is you can do a google search and find the definition in the urban dictionary. When we've been asked by kids what it means...well it's a sea cucumbers cousin of course!

It's old maritime lore that when naming or renaming a boat certain procedures must be performed to please the god of the sea Poseidon and the gods of the winds for fair weather and safe travel. We're not real superstitious, but when it comes to boating...we're not taking any chances!

We performed the whole ceremony as instructed by saying a script and then tossing a glass of champagne into the lake in all four directions north, south, east, and west. What happened next was very strange. We where about four miles out into the lake on a flat calm day, and as soon as I tossed the last last glass of champagne into the water four very steep waves, I would guess 3 footers came up behind us, but the strange thing was they didn't extend very far past the width of the boat on either side...very strange. We literally spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure of where they came from because there were no other boats around on a flat calm day.Our only guess is that it was a message from Poseidon himself that either everything is ok, or that we shouldn't of told Bill and Mina to pick up the cheapest champagne they could find on the way to the boat that day.

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