Friday, February 19, 2010

New Boat... Sea Pickle II

Our plans to wait till after the wedding to purchase our new boat were suddenly accelerated by a well timed phone call from our Four winns dealer! We had looked at a couple of boats previously at Grand sport center, but had not spoken with them in at least 6 months. I was at work when Jerry from GSC called to tell me they just received the "boat of our dreams" in, and was sending me pics later that day...I didn't have the heart to tell him we put our search on hold. Needless to say Jerry was right, it was the boat of our dreams! It's was the right year, model, color, and had all the features we were looking for! I forwarded the pics to Dana, and after a long discussion (2 min.) we decided to put a deposit down on our new boat...Seapickle II!
Of course we justified this purchase and sudden change in plans as a wedding gift to ourselves!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! She's a beauty. When can I see her in person? I'll be at the Montrose Harbor at......... ;)


  2. Ben, I've looked over much of your website and video's/pics. Well I have a couple of FW 268 questions for you.
    I am looking at a 2004 268 and had a full survey completed on Wednesday.

    1. When shore power was connected the meter of the panel showed 120 Volts before the switch in the cabin was even turned to the on position the once turned on still showed 120 Volts, owner say if always did that. Is this normal?
    2. Boat back fired twice on the sea trial both times at about 2500 RPMS and after about a 15 minute warm up. This issue made the surveyor tell me not to buy until a Volvo tech checked it out. Owner said this never happened before and he may have not heard it. Boat has the 5.7 and has only 56 hours on it over the last 2 years. It has a newer rotor and cap...older plugs? In any event I'm have a tech look it over next week. Just looking for any ideas.
    3. Other than these issues the boat is in very good shape.

    I'm in Holland MI.

    Welcome any ideas,


  3. Derek, I don't know if my last post went through! Can you email Ben at

  4. Derek, Ben did say that your first question about voltage was normal. Did tech look at it yet?